Shell Editing Modes

Did you know that your shell probably has some very convenient editing keyboard shortcuts built right in, that will mostly work regardless of your terminal emulator, whether your logged in via a TTY, ssh, etc.

Microsoft Exchange Email on Linux

I dislike web clients. I couldn’t tell you precisely why, but, given the choice, I will always prefer a discrete desktop application to one that ones in a web browser. This is particularly true of email clients.

How to Learn Vim

Vim is a monster of a program, and it isn’t alone. Linux is chock full of incredibly powerful applications like Vim, emacs, sed, awk, or even bash itself. And learning to use any of these tools well requires a lot of time investment.

An Introduction to roff

roff, short for 'run off', is an old-school document formatting language that is readily available for Linux systems in the form of GNU roff (groff). In this article, I discuss how groff works, and how to use it to format simple documents.