Lecturer of Computer Science

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Jan 2019 – Present Pennsylvania

I currently work as a Lecturer of Computer Science at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. This is primarily a teaching position, however I do have several administrative roles as well.

I teach courses across several programs, including mathematics, computer science, general eduction, and integrative sciences. Specifically, I have taught the following courses,

  • CISC 120 – Programming I
  • CISC 140 – Programming II
  • CISC 349 – Smartphone Programming
  • CISC 520 – Data Engineering and Mining (graduate)
  • CISC 610 – Data Structures and Algorithms (graduate)
  • MATH 120 – College Algebra
  • MATH 210 – Discrete Mathematics I
  • GEND 112 – The Scientific Mind I (General Physical Sciences)
  • PHYS 301 – Physical Thermodynamics
  • SEMR 200 – Steppingstone (Sophomore Seminar)

Additionally, I serve as the “course lead” for the following courses,

  • GEND 112 – The Scientific Mind I
  • CISC 120 – Programming I
  • CISC 140 – Programming II
  • MATH 250 – Linear Algebra (secondary)

This means that I am primarily responsible for creating course content and maintaining the master “source courses” in the Canvas LMS from which sections of these courses are initially populated. I am also responsible for some amount of coordination with the other faculty teaching sections of these courses.


Corporate Faculty (adjunct)

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Mar 2018 – Jan 2019 Pennsylvania
I worked as an adjunct lecturer at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, teaching courses in computer science and the physical sciences.

Research Assistant

Lehigh University

Sep 2016 – May 2018
I worked as a research assistant in an aerospace engineering lab. Primarily, my focus was on a micro-aerial vehicle (MAV) project funded through ARDEC to design, build, and test a deployable wing MAV that was to be launched via a mortar or grenade launcher for reconnaissance. In addition to this primary responsibility, I also took over as the primary point of contact in the lab for maintaining and building custom workstations and other computer/network related concerns. I also oversaw the operation and maintenance of the lab’s TAZ 6 3D printer.

Independant Consultant

WildFig Data

May 2016 – Jan 2019
I designed and implemented a unified database schema to contain data from a variety of social media sources to facilitate data analysis and report generation. I also created ETL processes using Python 3 that use social media platform APIs to load data into the database. Additionally, I implemented various utility programs pertaining to the database, and currently serve as database administrator and as a systems administrator for several small Linux servers relevant to the database system. On top of this, I filled architecture and development related roles on projects implementing UIPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.