College Algebra (MATH 120)

This course is designed for the student with an elementary knowledge of algebra. Topics include properties of real numbers, problem-solving using equations and inequalities, algebraic functions, graphing, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomial functions and graphs, exponents and radicals, the binomial theorem, zeros of polynomials, inverse functions, and applications and graphs.

Discrete Mathematics I (MATH 210)

This course provides the student with an understanding of multiple mathematical concepts and methods, which shape the foundation of modern information science in a form that is relevant and useful. Discrete mathematics plays a fundamental role for computer science, which is similar to that played by calculus for physics and engineering.

The Joy of Transformations of Functions

Last year, I was first called upon to teach a section our college algebra course, MATH 120. It was an interesting experience, to say the least, and it opened my eyes to a few beautiful elements of the subject that I had never noticed before.