General Physical Sciences (GEND 112)

This course presents a broad overview of modern science by integrating basic scientific principles and methodology to various disciplines of the natural and applied sciences. The overall emphasis of the scientific mind series is to begin the development of critical thinking, problem solving, experimental, mathematical, and information research skills that lie at the heart of scientific inquiry.

Physical Thermodynamics (PHYS 301)

This course is designed for the student who has an interest to apply knowledge gained in calculus, physics and chemistry to the study of thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium. Textbook Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by McQuarrie and Simon

Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics (INSC 380)

A first course in undergraduate fluid mechanics. Topics include introductory vector calculus, hydrostatics, differential relations of fluid flow, control volume analysis, dimensional analysis, potential flow models, laminar and turbulent flow modeling, and the measurement of key fluid flow parameters.