Smartphone Programming (CISC 349)

Harrisburg University

This course introduces the student to mobile computing and mobile application design process. This includes designing, implementing, testing, debugging, and publishing smartphone applications with an emphasis on Android mobile operating system. Mobile computing will be discussed from three perspectives: mobile technology, mobile networking, and mobile security. As a major deliverable of the course, the student will complete an application development project with the goal of releasing the application on Android market place. Offered Spring Semester, annually.

In this course, the students developed an Android application built on a Python and Postgresql backend, which was required to include authentication, session management, and access and display of data from the database in the application UI. Instruction discussed application development across the entire application stack, and involved programming in both Java and Python, as well as database designed using SQL and Linux server administration (to host the application and database).


None–instruction done using custom lecture notes

Topic List

  • Java Programming
  • Android Programming
  • Client-Server Application Architecture
  • Database Development
  • Server Administration